Goal of the children's clothing and toy second-hand market

The Hünenberg clothing and toy second-hand market is known as a "small" but "fine" market. We are proud to be able to offer good quality and beautiful articles at reasonable prices on the market. Our buyers appreciate the good quality of the articles and the pleasant atmosphere of a rather smaller market. We want to remain true to this. This means that we try to limit ourselves to those items that please our buyers.


We gladly take per person

  • Dresses: max. 50 seasonally fitting, fashionable clothes until size 164 (baby dresses in sizes 56 - 80 max. 25 pieces)
  • Shoes: up to size 36 (hiking boots, rollerblades, skates also bigger)
  • sporting goods
  • prams
  • buggies
  • Car seats: in very good condition and approved according to ECE regulations R44/03 or 04 or R129 (orange label) (www.bfu.ch)
  • bikes
  • bicycle helmets
  • bicycle seats
  • "Zewi" sheets
  • travel beds
  • table seat
  • Toys and children's books: maximum 20 pieces

Seasonally, we take:

Spring: rollerblades, helmets, football shoes
Autumn: carnival dresses, skates, sledges, helmets, caps, gloves


Condition of the articles

  • good condition
  • freshly washed and (clothes) ironed (good smelling articles sell better than those that are clean but smell like cellars)
  • Avoid combinations (e.g. trousers with jackets together) (sells less well)
  • Shoes cleaned, normal smelling and with profile
  • without stains and holes
  • functioning (also check the battery compartments for leaking batteries)
  • Fill multi-part toys or loose parts (e.g. various Playmobil figures) into transparent plastic bags and seal them
  • Puzzle/LEGO complete (please check and note "complete" on the label. If you cannot/do not want to check, note "not checked")

For completeness: Of course, a LEGO can be fun, even if a part is missing. But it is important that this is communicated. This avoids disappointment.


We're not taking:

S/M/L sizes, maternity dresses, baby shoes, underwear, soft toys, diaper pail, toilet rings, baby bathtubs, skis, ski boots, video cassettes, little bags/backpacks, school bags/changing bags, musty-smelling, old-fashioned, patched, defective clothes, shoes with worn soles

Reason: Over the years we have found that these articles are difficult to sell. It is a big effort to sort all unsold items back after the market in a short time. Therefore, we would like to focus on those items that sell well.


Thoughts on pricing

If you are unsure, consider what the article cost new. Reduce this price by at least half to 3/4 depending on the condition of the article. What would you pay for this article if you saw it? Would you be happy, if you could buy it at this price?



Attach labels:
  • On dresses with pin
  • On plastic bags with adhesive strips or with a cord
  • On books with adhesive tape or with a cord


Please add a small additional adhesive with your customer number to articles which cannot be checked by the staff of the acceptance point.