• You can quickly and easily request your customer number online.
  • Each article is labeled with an article number. The article number consists of the customer number and a sequence number (example: article 1 of customer 999 has the article number 999 - 1).
  • All articles are listed in one article list.
  • If you register once, you can edit your articles online after logging in and print your article list and labels directly from it.

How does the sale work

1. You need a customer number so that you can sell at our second-hand market. This also applies to our following markets. If you have not used the number for some time, it might have been deleted. If in doubt, ask for your customer number or request a new number. You will be informed whether your old number is still valid. 

2. All your items for sale will be labeled and listed. Like this you will bring it in to the acceptance point in the morning of the market day

There are two ways to create the list/labels:

  • Online: That means that you are registered. Then enter all your articles under "Editing items". You can print your list and labels directly from it.  
  • By hand: This means that you print the templates for empty lists and labels. These are to be labeled by hand with all details according to the example.

Please also refer to the menu "Important sales information".

Experienced employees check the clothes and toys. We reserve the right to refuse faulty clothes or articles.  

3. We present your articles clearly and according to affiliation. In the afternoon we sell your articles for you.  After the sale, all unsold items are sorted back and reassigned to the owner. We will also check what each saleswoman has sold and calculate your return amount accordingly.

4. In the evening at the return/payment you pick up your money (80% of the written price) and your unsold items.