On the afternoon from 2.30 - 5 pm the sale of well preserved children's clothes and toys takes place in the Heirisaal of Hünenberg.

You will find on the second-hand market:

  • Well preserved, fashionable, clean children's dresses in sizes 56 - 164
  • Well preserved shoes up to size 36 (hiking boots also larger)
  • sporting goods
  • playthings
  • prams, car seats
  • Bicycles, bicycle helmets, bicycle seats
  • "Zewi" sheets, travel beds, table seats



Spring: rollerblades, helmets, football shoes

Autumn: carnival dresses, skates, sledges, helmets, caps, gloves


Flea market

In the entrance of the Heirisaal there is also a flea market, where you can buy good but simpler clothes and toys for a special low price.


Coffee shop

In the entrance of the Heirisaal there is a nice coffee shop where you can find fine homemade cakes and snacks with coffee, tea and refreshing drinks. 


80% of the proceeds of the market will go to the seller and 20% to the "Kontakt". The proceeds from the flea market and the coffee shop go to 100% to the KONTAKT.

All employees work on a voluntary basis.