We very much request that you register and record your items online. This will allow us to scan the labels completely. If you feel unsure, we are happy to help!

If you still want to label your clothes and toys by hand, you can still print out blank label templates here at the moment.

Generate label template


Valuable information for lettering

Marking with ballpoint pen or dark, clear felt-tip pen. Thicker paper, maybe even coloured, makes sense. It is more visible, easier to attach and holds much better to the garment. 


Top left  Article number consists of customer number and article number. Example: article 1 of customer 429 has the article number:  429-1) 
Top right Size of the garment (not age of the child)
Bottom left Name what it is (makes sense if label falls off. This makes it easier to reassign the label to the garment)
Bottom right Price (minimum Fr. 3.-, even Swiss franc amounts)



 Art.NR : 429-1          Gr.  116



 JeansHose Rot           Fr.7.-